With 34 years of knowing me I can say with out hesitation that I am a Passionate person! My sister recently quizzed me from a book she was reading and it ‘asked’ do you ever get an overwhelming feeling of joy and a love for everything around you? A feeling that fills your entire body with a peaceful joy and makes you feel like you had just fallen in love…with life?


Okay well maybe I added some of that, but my answer was YES! I feel that way all the time. I thought that was perfectly normal, an experience that everyone has, as for me it’s at least twice a week. It was then as I stared at her confused face that I realized that my passion for life fills me in a way that is special to me…I’m glad for my passion and the love I feel on a daily basis; for God, for life, for friends, for nature, photography, traveling, people, laughing, singing, dancing, surfing, running and the list goes on and on…where there is life, there is PASSION and that is me! =)